#10: first leg back towards mainland

It turns out that our stopover in Vis was our furthest point from the charter base this sailing vacation. Virtually all next steps bring us closer to our point of departure. We leave Vis at around 11 am and a few minutes later we start to congratulate ourselves for our luck of staying last nightContinue reading “#10: first leg back towards mainland”

#8: sailing at its finest

We decide to swim in the morning and leave before noon. After leaving the blue lagoon we set sails for Vis island. The wind is constant at around 12 kts from NW picking up considerably in the afternoon. That means: set course 190º once and sail for 4 hours and 25 nm straight. “Cash” sailsContinue reading “#8: sailing at its finest”

#6: meeting the sail maker in Šibenik

Instead of sailing down the coast as we had originally planned we stopped early today at Šibenik harbour for repairs to the bimini. The bimini had unfortunately started to rip and we wanted to prevent further damage. We decided to moor at the city harbour. No shore power, just water. Plus we’re in the middleContinue reading “#6: meeting the sail maker in Šibenik”

#5: fresh mussels on the way to Skradin

Today’s leg brings us along the Krka river. The first thing we notice are mussel and oyster farms. They sell directly to the boat! Quickly we exchange 50kn with a bag of 2kg fresh mussels and off we go. There is still time for a short stopover for bathing and we reach picturesque Skradin inContinue reading “#5: fresh mussels on the way to Skradin”

#4: a long wait for the mooring spot and an unexpected find

We arrived at Tribunj in the mid afternoon. There was still quite a breeze going, so we quickly decided against mooring directly at the old town. The transit pier of the marina is just opposite of the fisherman’s pier. A catamaran and a monohull were first. The catamaran took considerable effort to moor so weContinue reading “#4: a long wait for the mooring spot and an unexpected find”