Brown sauce Chinese Style

Ingredients: Eggplants, garlic
Sauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil

  1. Eggplants and Garlic
Three small Eggplants and two pieces of Garlic

2. Cutting the eggplants

3. Salt the cut eggplant

Add salt and mixed them well

4. Making the sauce, mixing well:
Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon
Soy Sauce: one spoon
Oyster Sauce: one spoon

The brand is not important as long as it is called: soy sauce and oyster sauce
Half tea spoon of sugar
One spoon of soy sauce
One spoon of Oyster sauce

5. Cut the garlic into slices

Garlic cut into slices

6. Add two tea spoon of normal flour into the salted eggplant, mix well

Two tea spoons flour into the salted eggplants, mix well

7. Fry. Warm oil add garlic until the garlic smell out

Warm pan, add oil and then garlic

8. Add in the prepared eggplant, stir well

Eggplant is on fire

9. When the eggplant is soft, or cooked, add in the prepared sauce, stir well for a minute or so

Adding sauce

10. Done!

One minutes later, done

While the eggplants was cooking, I prepared egg-fried rice to go with it: no salt or anything expect oil, egg and rice is needed.
It can also go with paste or noodle, fresh cooked rice or anything you can think of

Lunch for three

I prepared the same dish a few days ago, but added paprika and some small chilly on step 8 to make it spicy, also disappeared quickly

Spicy Eggplant

My son’s plate. He is 2 year and 1 month old, he almost finished the entire plate except a little bit or rice, but asked a few more pieces of eggplant

Toddler’s Food

To those who are always busy

We shall always try to remind ourselves, by the end of the day, by the end of our lives, what matters the most after all

I am writing this down mainly as a reminder to myself, also to those who have been busy in life:

  • I know I should, but I just don’t have the luxury time for Yoga or meditation, for myself
  • I know I didn’t spend enough time with families and friends, but I really have to catch up this deadline
  • I know what I am doing is not sustainable. When this is finished, things will be smoother and better

Two days ago on an early Saturday morning, I was waking up by massive pain on my right shoulder: I couldn’t turn without feeling like killing myself. My partner tried to help me to get out of bed, even that caused me so much pain, that I couldn’t stop tears from filling my eyes.

The day before this happened, I had a short chat with a fellow practitioner. I told her, I knew I should take care of my back as it has been stiff for quite some time. I just didn’t want to waste the precious time to do Yoga. It is such a luxury to have 1.5 hours for Yoga.

What have I been busy with:

  • Preparing for some exams and trying to catch up deadlines
  • Dealing with things in life in general

The signs I knew prior the last Saturday:

  • Always tired. Partially because of our young son, but mainly from my schedules
  • Unfinished projects. There are lots of things I would like to do, but I have been keeping on postponing it, for instance, I want to update this website
  • Signals from my own body. I have been having a tired back, stiff shoulders, and I no longer feel the connection with my own body
  • Hot temper, very easy to get mad

With the support of my partner (who went for a walk with the little one), I did Yoga Saturday at around lunch time: the first 30 minutes, I managed the postures to 15% extent, max. When I finished my first Yoga for a long time, I was happily showing to my partner that I could slowly move my neck without too much pain again. We baked Christmas cookies.

Christmas, cookies, love
Karma Yoga – what matters the most

I did Yoga on Sunday, and I could feel my back again. Of course, both days I didn’t lay a finger on my study books.

There are things in life we shouldn’t postpone, as there are things for life we cannot afford to postpone.

Akashic record reading

How I read your Akashic record

Akashic record reading is in the centre of my coaching, but I am not “reading” your Akashic record, I am with you together in your Akashic record, and we together walk through the specific part of your Akashic record which is relevant to the topic you chose to discuss with me at the time.

Reading Akashic record based on one's question, it is like jump into the specific part of that person's Akashic record to abstract the relevant information from there.
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Here are the guidline steps of how my coaching is conducted with the assistance of Akashic record reading:

  1. Open – Upon meeting up, with your permission, I open your Akashic record with your current legal name. I will read my open prayer, if you prefer not to hear it, let me know.
  2. Enter – You bring up your topic. It can be a straightforward question, a thought, a concern, a broad sense of feeling, a story, or nothing but some pieces of information.
  3. Discuss – Our discussion on and around your topic. Q&A is merely used in our discussing, but more like we are building a Great Wall, you put out A, I add up B, then you find C…
  4. Summarise – We summarise what we have been discussed, and step 3 can be repeated, which often does, until we reach the final summarising.
  5. Close – I close your Akashic record by reading my closing prayer.

Through my coaching, together we will

  • Understand what your real topic is
  • Identify the true aspects on and around your real topic
  • See the unseen resources which already lie within you and around you, and unlock the methods so to be able to best use them
  • Broaden the potential of your future possibilities
  • Connect you with your true self

Actually, there aren’t fixed steps in my coaching, because each and every one of you is different. The steps above are purely a rough guideline. However, the essence remains the same: the truth is that you have all the answers (B) to your questions (A), you have all the resources (B) to solve your issues (A), and you have all the power (B) within you to pursue the future (A) you want to have.

What am I doing here? I am a messenger, a pipeline to assist you to connect you between your A and B.

Akashic Record

Reasons for “why reading” and “why now”

“Akasha is Sanskrit, which means ‘Ether space’ or the original energy of the universe. The Akashic record represents the highest consciousness dimension, a range of sacred mysteries. It is the ‘Book of Life’ of the universe, containing the history of the entire universe, contains both the blueprint of the life of the universe, and all the experiences and experiences of all living bodies in different time periods according to this blueprint.”

Akasha Record Research Center (China)

The first time I came across Akashic Record reading, what I experienced touched me deeply. Later whenever I was in need, when I read my own Akashic record, I received guidance. Akashic record reading grants me the possibility to be a better me, to become a smarter me.

However, I never openly talked about it, nor publicly offered any readings. Here are the reasons why I changed my mind, I am publically talking about it and I am now offering Akashic Record reading, and why I waited until now.

Akashic Record is stored in our universe(s) as if those books are stored in libraries. Akashic Record reading is fetching information from its library.
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels
  • I couldn’t explain what Akashic Record is. I could not fully understand the explanations about it on the Internet neither until I formed my own one. Akashic Record is a “library” which stored all the information of our universe or many universes, for the past events, for the now happenings, and for the future possibilities.
  • I didn’t understand why Akashic Records can be read. Reading past events is easier to understand: it has already been recorded. We can go read records as if we were checking the information in a library. Reading the future events is more complicated: recently I become convinced that we are living in one of the billions NOW moments, so there is no past time concept nor future time concept but they all happening at the same time, “now” moment, in different dimensions. Which means that reading the now events, and the future events are the same as reading the past events.
  • I couldn’t explain why I could read Akashic Record, or how I read it. For a rational MBAer, this reason alone is enough to bury any idea. I could not offer a service which is not based on current mainstream science, which I cannot explain clearly the reasons behind. The fact is, my experiences with Akashic record reading improved the quality of my life. Until now I still can’t explain in a scientific way why I can read Akashic record. However, I can live with it now. The truth is that there are lots of things happening on earth we cannot explain the rational reasons behind them, yet.
  • I did not understand why I should read the Akashic record. Life is short and we are not going to live forever. When we are living at this present moment, enjoy it, why should we use the precious present time to think about the past, or to try to interfere with the future? Now I understand, reading is not about reading itself, reading is a tool: reading is here to help us to see the facts in the past events clearer, so to lead a more mindful and grateful present time, then to lead to a better possible future life.
  • Now is the moment that I start to use my Akashic record reading skill to help my coaching. A few days ago, I had an operation and stayed in the hospital for four days. I read my own records before and after that operation. From the moment when I read and understand the purpose of that operation, I no longer felt any pain from it. Also, I suddenly gained the ability to see things from others’ eyes. There are purposes for reading Akashic record, in situations like mine here is one of them.
  • I sometimes missed the details in my readings. At the early stage of my reading, there were times I would realise that I didn’t take all the granted information into consideration. Later I realised, practice is the key to solve this issue because practice sharpens my eyes and opens my heart. From this point, reading for others is a way to self-improve while helping others.

So here I am, I made my coaching page based on Akashic Record reading in the morning after my operation.

Last but not least: reading the Akashic record is not a gift for a few people but for every one of us. Anyone can enter the Akashic record as long as they are willing to. Entering the Akashic record is an innate inheritance or an instinct in each of our lives. Also, there are many ways to enter the Akashic record. What matters the most is to find your own suitable way and practice it regularly. Akashic record reading practice is a method to enhance life experiences, a way to fulfil life purposes and a way to cultivate broader love.

Papa tim​​​e

Five reasons for having Papa tim​​​e

“Fathers are not attached to their children as the way as moms are. Fathers’ love mainly comes from the time they spend with their children”.
Quote from unknown source

Luckily that I have learnt this before our first son was born. 

Now our son is 14 months old. From our experience with him and also based on the other baby stories which we have come across, I conclude the below five reasons, why moms should encourage and help papas to spend more time with their children from the very beginning.

Papa time

Papa time is simply papa and baby together.
Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels
  1. Papa can also calm a crying baby down from the time they are born. Education starts from day one, from the belly. We were very much into pregnancy engagement. We had the feeling that Anton already knew both of us while he was still in my belly. Our son spent most of the day times with his father in the first month of his life, happily. I have been lucky that I could catch up some sleep during the day after a night in which I needed to get up a few times.
  2. Your child can learn a different set of skills with the father. For instance, a father might spin a baby 360 degrees, vertically, and most babies love that. Most moms simply just do not do it. Also by spending time with the father, the child will copy some of the father’s behaviours. For Anton, I was very much impressed the first time when I saw they two were passing the clutch ball to one another. Also soon after that, Anton learnt to roll a normal ball.
  3. A mom can have an earlier break from the 24/7 routine with her baby. After Anton was one year old, I left him home with his father for an interesting event which I really wanted to join. They two were home getting along well. When I was caught by surprise that I had to spend 3 nights in a hospital, I had no worry that Anton might go crazy home. After that incident, Anton’s father has been bringing Anton to bed since. 
  4. The baby will also love the papa more. Anton hugged his father more after he was taken on to his father’s bicycle. By now, Anton only wants his papa to bring him to the Kita, by bicycle preferably!
  5. The entire family will be happier. When taking care of a baby can be evenly distributed between both the parents, simply the entire family activities can be easier distributed or arranged, so to have a happier family.

To Conclude

Like an ancient Chinese saying “repair your house before the rain comes”, having papa-time in any normal day is simply leading to more balanced family life. To conclude, for the sake of our mom selves, for the sake of our babies, for the sake of the fathers, for the sake of a better state of well-being, let’s try harder to have more papa-time or mama-time for some groups.

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