#4: a long wait for the mooring spot and an unexpected find

We arrived at Tribunj in the mid afternoon. There was still quite a breeze going, so we quickly decided against mooring directly at the old town.

The transit pier of the marina is just opposite of the fisherman’s pier. A catamaran and a monohull were first. The catamaran took considerable effort to moor so we waited about 20 minutes, doing rounds.

Suddenly we saw something floating in the water. With Tim’s good manoeuvring skills we managed to retrieve it: an almost new full-face snorkeling mask! Super addition to our range of water toys!

Other log-worthy event: Heard a Mayday call over the radio, received and confirmed by Split Radio. We couldn’t hear the source but only replies from Split Radio. First reply by Split Radio: “Boat that has called mayday, please switch to channel 07”. This confirms it is a good idea to have the crew briefed on how to issue a mayday call over the radio – including the own vessel name.

Distance sailed: 17 nm
Destination: Marina Tribunj