#20: Back after full three weeks on the water

Trip statistics: 20 days sailing all of which sunny3 motor-only days353 nm sailed of which 152 nm under motormax wind speed 25 ktsmax boat speed 8 ktsshortest day sailing: 1 hr 10 longest day sailing: 7 hrs 50 Major issues: noneMinor issues: broken hinges, steering wheel lock, winch handle; lost pegs, swimming goggles, balloon DistanceContinue reading “#20: Back after full three weeks on the water”

#19: Great evening light view on Zadar

Today, after lifting anchor around noon we quickly set sail and head off into the waters in front of Zadar. This brings us to the mainland side of Ugljan and Pasman islands which is necessary to have a short last day when returning the boat. At the dinner table we are looking across about 2Continue reading “#19: Great evening light view on Zadar”

#17: At Veli Rat lighthouse

Today brings us from Veli Iz to Veli Rat. Noteworthy events underway:1) Lukas looses a yellow balloon. It is a remainder of his birthday a few days earlier. He is so happy to have found it and plays with it on deck. It drops once, twice, and someone catches it. The third time, not aContinue reading “#17: At Veli Rat lighthouse”

#16: Back to civilization

After three nights in bays and a national park marina today we are bound for Iz island where we want to stay in the marina of the small town. During the day we pass by large fish farms (with a distinct smell…!) and a bit later we are lucky to see a pair of dolphinsContinue reading “#16: Back to civilization”

#15: Incredible night sky

A very nice sailing day with a lot of tacking through Kornati and Telašcica. Nice grilled fish and for the kids a super playground, chicken and turtles – in a very remote bay. So quiet that the following picture was possible (using a Pixel 6 in night mode): Challenge of the day: Lukas really didn’tContinue reading “#15: Incredible night sky”

#14: Calm day, nice marina, with a shock moment

Today, almost no wind, so we motored along the edge of the Kornati National Park to Piskera. A nice sunset and a warm evening. The kids were happily playing at the back of the boat and on the jetty. Then suddenly we did have a shock moment: splash, Lukas fell into the water – withoutContinue reading “#14: Calm day, nice marina, with a shock moment”

#13: Goodbye to civilisation (for just a few days)

We leave Rogoznica and head out to the islands furthest away from mainland in front of Sibenik / Biograd. We have refilled our water tanks and expect less comfort in terms of shopping in the coming days. After a few hours half sailing half motoring we reach Zirje island and first go for some swimming.Continue reading “#13: Goodbye to civilisation (for just a few days)”

#12: tacking into the mistral winds

Until now, almost two weeks, we followed the winds down the coast from Zadar to Vis island and back to mainland at Trogir. Our longest tack was about 25 nm in a straight line without changing the sails doing comfortable 6 kts boat speed for several hours. From today we were going to head intoContinue reading “#12: tacking into the mistral winds”

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