#18: Treasure hunt in an old ship wreck

After a quiet night we have a bit of a difficult start at first: the lock of the helm breaks off when we try opening it. That is a bit of a shock at first because we are looking at a fastened metal bolt with a thread and no screwdriver slot or indeed anything that could help turn it loose. The large cap that was used to tighten or open it by hand was only lightly soldered to this bolt … after messing around with a winch handle that in the end is useless as a tool, removing the back cover of the steering transmission just to confirm that there is nothing there to help us, finally simple pliers are the solution: used first to open the ring that hides our bolt and then, having revealed enough of that bolt to tightly grip it with the pliers, in the end opening the bolt.

Now we are again able to use the helm, first we head off just a short distance out of the bay to a 1984 ship wreck.

After a great morning exploring we continue to a small bay near Muline for anchoring.

Challenges of the day:
1) steering wheel lock broken in locked position (see above)
2) landing with the dinghi: the bay is reserved for swimming at the beach. Going on shore with the dinghi takes a bit of balancing over sharp stones

Distance sailed today: 15 nm
Destination: anchoring in Pavlesina bay, Muline, Ugljan island

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