#17: At Veli Rat lighthouse

Today brings us from Veli Iz to Veli Rat.

Noteworthy events underway:
1) Lukas looses a yellow balloon. It is a remainder of his birthday a few days earlier. He is so happy to have found it and plays with it on deck. It drops once, twice, and someone catches it. The third time, not a chance to catch it. Lukas cries “no” and when he realises that the balloon is not going to come back he is heart broken. We look after the balloon still visible in the distance for a long time.
2) An almost crash between two sailing yachts A and C, prevented by the last minute maneuver of the ship C that should maintain it’s course. The odd thing about this situation was that there was little doubt about who had to change course (A, having a port side wind), and the almost collision was with a second boat (C). Another boat (B) maintained course only half a minute earlier and was properly avoided by C.

In the evening, the children make a small adventure trip with Tim and Florian and the dinghi to visit Veli Rat. A serendipity: we get a little trumpet concert at the lighthouse.

Distance of the day: 29 nm
Destination: Veli Rat lighthouse, Pantera bay