#14: Calm day, nice marina, with a shock moment

Today, almost no wind, so we motored along the edge of the Kornati National Park to Piskera. A nice sunset and a warm evening.

The kids were happily playing at the back of the boat and on the jetty. Then suddenly we did have a shock moment: splash, Lukas fell into the water – without life jacket.

As by our rules, when the boat is not moving wearing a life vest for the kids is not mandatory but an adult has to be watching them. So Helen was “on duty” in this case. What happens next is blurred in my memory: all I know is that I was on deck, hear a splash, hear Helen give me clear and precise information/instructions next thing I know is I jump in next to Lukas and all but catapult him out of the water onto the bathing platform of the yacht. He was really upset about the whole situation and kept repeating the next hours and days, that the water was too deep to stand. After a few minutes he started walking along the jetty again – the rest of the vacation he didn’t fall into the water again.

We’re glad this happened in this probably cleanest of all marinas on such a calm day with so much space everywhere.

Distance of the day: 18 nm
Destination: Marina Piškera in Kornati National Park

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