Brown sauce Chinese Style

Ingredients: Eggplants, garlic
Sauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil

1. Cutting and salt the cut eggplant

Add salt and mixed them well

2. Making the sauce, mixing well:
Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon
Soy Sauce: one spoon
Oyster Sauce: one spoon

The brand is not important as long as it is called: soy sauce and oyster sauce

3. Add two tea spoon of wheat flour into the salted eggplant, mix well

Two tea spoons flour into the salted eggplants, mix well

4. Cut the garlic into slices, fry in warm oil until the garlic’s smell out

Warm pan, add oil and then garlic

5. Add in the prepared eggplant, stir well

Eggplant is on fire

6. When the eggplant is soft, or cooked, add in the prepared sauce, stir well for a minute or so

Adding sauce

7. Done!

One minutes later, done

While the eggplants was cooking, I prepared egg-fried rice to go with it: no salt or anything expect a little bit of oil, egg and rice.
It can also go with paste or noodle, fresh cooked rice or anything as you wish

Lunch for three

I prepared the same dish a few days ago, but added paprika and some small chilly on step 5 to make it spicy, also disappeared quickly

Spicy Eggplant

Akashic Record

Helen’s understanding about what Akashic Record is

Akashic Record is the ‘Book of Life’ of the universe.

Akasha Record Research Center (China)

The first time I came across Akashic Record reading was back in 2016. Later in life whenever I was in need, when I read my own Akashic record, I received guidance. Akashic record reading grants me the possibility to be a better me.

My understanding about Akashic Record:

Akashic Record is stored in our universe(s) as if those books are stored in libraries. Akashic Record reading is fetching information from its library.
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels
  • For me,
    Akashic Record is like a “library” which stored all the information of our universe or many universes, for the past events, for the now happenings, and for the future possibilities.

  • Why is there Akashic Record?
    The answer is, I don’t really know ❤️❤️❤️
    The truth is, lots of things happening on earth we cannot explain the rational reasons behind them, yet, Akashic Record is only one of the millions.

  • Akashic Records can be read.
    Reading past events is easier to understand: it has already been recorded. We can go read records as if we were checking the information in a library.
    Reading the now and future events is more complicated to explain: we are living in one of the billions NOW moments, so there is no past time concept nor future time concept but they all happening at the same time, “now” moment, only in different dimensions. Which means that reading the now events, and the future events are the same principle as reading the past events.

  • Why should Akashic Record to be read.
    Life is short and we are not going to live forever. Living at the moment and enjoying it.
    However, reading is not about reading itself, reading is a tool: reading is here to help us to see the facts in the past events clearer, so to lead a more mindful and grateful present time, then to lead to a better possible future life.

  • Can we fully rely on, or trust the message received from Akashic Record reading?
    Always pay a second thought on it 😊
    Whether we read our own Akashic Record, or a very much credible master read it for us, the information can not the be original message from the Record.
    The reader is the translator of the message, and no reader is a pure “pipeline” which allow the message pass through without no influence. The information received is always interpreted by the reader with the reader’s own knowledge.
    In other word, the information received from a reading, is the message received by the reader.
    Providing the fact that here is no fixed future plan for any individual: every “now moment” thoughts and behaviors are shaping the possibilities of futures.

  • Is reading Akashic Record only the talent of a selected group?
    Anyone can enter the Akashic record as long as they are willing to.
    Entering the Akashic record is an innate inheritance or an instinct in each of our lives.
    There are many ways to enter the Akashic record. What matters the most is to find your own suitable way and practice it regularly.

Akashic Record reading, same as any other practices, it is a method to enhance life experiences, a practice for broader love and with the result of the feeling of abundance🙏🙏🙏

Papa tim​​​e

From our own experience, there are at least five reasons for having Papa tim​​​e

“Fathers are not attached to their children as the way as moms are. Fathers’ love mainly comes from the time they spend with their children”.
Quote from unknown source

Luckily that I have learnt this before our first son was born. 

Now our son is 14 months old. From our experience with him and also based on the other baby stories which we have come across, I conclude the below five reasons, why moms should encourage and help papas to spend more time with their children from the very beginning.

Papa time is simply papa and baby together.
Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels
  • Papa can also calm a crying baby.
    Education starts from day one, from the belly.
    We were very much into pregnancy engagement.
    We had the feeling that our son already knew both of us while he was still in my belly. 
    Our son spent most of the day times with his father in the first month of his life, happily.
    I have been lucky that I could catch up some sleep during the day after a night in which I needed to get up a few times.

  • A child can learn a different set of skills with the father.
    For instance, a father might spin a baby 360 degrees, vertically, and most babies love that.
    By spending time with the father, the child will copy some of the father’s behaviours.
    For our son, I was very much impressed the first time when I saw they two were passing the clutch ball to one another.
    Also soon after that, Anton learnt to roll a normal ball.

  • A mom can have an earlier break from the 24/7 routine with her baby.
    After our son was one year old, I left him home with his father home alone whilst I was meeting some friends.
    They two were home getting along well.  

  • The baby will also love the papa more.
    Our son hugged his father more after he was taken on to his father’s bicycle.
    By now, our son only wants his papa to bring him to the Kita, by bicycle preferably!

  • The entire family will be happier.
    When taking care of a baby can be evenly distributed between both of the parents, simply the entire family activities can be easier distributed or arranged, so to have a happier family.

To Conclude:

Like an ancient Chinese saying “repair your house before the rain comes”, having papa-time is simply a good way which leading to more balanced family life.

We see what we meant to see

At the relaxation on the ground with Anton after my brief morning yoga practice, I felt that my throat was blocked. There were words needed to be let out, but I didn’t want to say anything, or I didn’t know how

I played with Anton on the ground, then I carried him in the carrying cloth when I realised that he was tired. While waking him around I checked the messages on my phone behind him. Then I saw this beautiful facebook message forwarded from Mattea Goff, I @ Anton’s father without any hesitation: I wonder how many moms out there are thinking the same…

Here I attached the original drawings:Continue reading “We see what we meant to see”