We see what we meant to see

At the relaxation on the ground with Anton after my brief morning yoga practice, I felt that my throat was blocked. There were words needed to be let out, but I didn’t want to say anything, or I didn’t know how

I played with Anton on the ground, then I carried him in the carrying cloth when I realised that he was tired. While waking him around I checked the messages on my phone behind him. Then I saw this beautiful facebook message forwarded from Mattea Goff, I @ Anton’s father without any hesitation: I wonder how many moms out there are thinking the same…

Here I attached the original drawings:


This morning Anton’s father wakes up and told me while he was getting our little son Anton: “6:30, perfect timing for getting up… Do you also have the feeling that you are less tired today?… I would like to go to the office earlier today…”

“Aha”, I replied. I waited to feed Anton first, and by the time I managed to start Yoga, it was already 7

I have been lucky that Anton’s father has been taking Anton in the mornings when he doesn’t need to travel to another city for work and has to get up at 4 am, and also in the evenings if he could make it home before Anton’s bedtime. Of course, this comes from months of trying out all sorts of things/routines. By now we figured out this routine works out the best for us:

Mornings: all of us getting up at 6:30, ish. Anton is waking up that time or even before in any case; Anton’s father needs to get up at that time so he can have a smooth morning to go to his work; and for me, that’s any chance of a day I can practice yoga, which I really miss a lot

During the days: normal things as any mom out there, I am keeping my son happy and sound and try to bring him to different activities or meeting up with his friends. However, only recently I realised how important it is to ensure that he gets enough of his day naps – happy baby, happy parents

Evenings: dinner at 6 pm, ish, and then slowly bring Anton to bed, most of the time he would fall asleep between 7 and 8 pm

Nights: strict rule that going to bed at 11 pm — This is very important for parents like us