Eggplant – Chinese Style

A quick Chinese style brown sauce braised eggplant dish with limited ingredients made for toddlers and adults Ingredients: Eggplants, garlicSauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil 1. Main ingredient: Eggplants and Garlic 2. Cutting the eggplants 3. Salt the cut eggplant 4. Making the sauce, mixing well: Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon SoyContinue reading “Eggplant – Chinese Style”

Akashic Record

Reasons for “why reading” and “why now” “Akasha is Sanskrit, which means ‘Ether space’ or the original energy of the universe. The Akashic record represents the highest consciousness dimension, a range of sacred mysteries. It is the ‘Book of Life’ of the universe, containing the history of the entire universe, contains both the blueprint ofContinue reading “Akashic Record”

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