Brown sauce Chinese Style

Ingredients: Eggplants, garlic
Sauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil

1. Cutting and salt the cut eggplant

Add salt and mixed them well

2. Making the sauce, mixing well:
Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon
Soy Sauce: one spoon
Oyster Sauce: one spoon

The brand is not important as long as it is called: soy sauce and oyster sauce

3. Add two tea spoon of wheat flour into the salted eggplant, mix well

Two tea spoons flour into the salted eggplants, mix well

4. Cut the garlic into slices, fry in warm oil until the garlic’s smell out

Warm pan, add oil and then garlic

5. Add in the prepared eggplant, stir well

Eggplant is on fire

6. When the eggplant is soft, or cooked, add in the prepared sauce, stir well for a minute or so

Adding sauce

7. Done!

One minutes later, done

While the eggplants was cooking, I prepared egg-fried rice to go with it: no salt or anything expect a little bit of oil, egg and rice.
It can also go with paste or noodle, fresh cooked rice or anything as you wish

Lunch for three

I prepared the same dish a few days ago, but added paprika and some small chilly on step 5 to make it spicy, also disappeared quickly

Spicy Eggplant