Kung Pow Chicken 宫爆鸡丁

This is a home recipe. The main part of this dish is about preparation, cutting the ingredients


Chicken breast, 500g

Paprika, two (different colour, red and yellow are recommended, for our eyes)

Cucumber, half one

Carrot, 2-4, same amount as the cucumber

Peanuts, a handful, roasted, can do without due to the complication for preparing it

Soy sauce, Chinese kitchen which named as 生抽

Vinegar, Chinese black vinegar which named as (老)陈醋

Cooking wine, Chinese cooking wine named as 料酒, can do without because it is not a common ingredient here

Spring Onion, two

Ginger, 5-8 slices

Garlic, 3-6 pieces



Dry Chilli, 1-3 (without it if you cannot eat spicy food)

Starch ( potato, sweet potato…), can do without if you don’t mind some liquid


Cut the chicken breast into dice size, put into a bowl, add 1.5 spoons starch( or not if you like slightly liquid source), 1-2 spoons cooking wine, 1 spoon soy sauce, and mix them thoroughly

Cut all the other vegetables into dice size, same as the chicken breast: paprika, carrot, cucumber, and put them into a separate plate

Cut the spring onion into a smaller size, and separate the white part of the spring onion and the green party

Ginger, garlic into slices; dry chilli into small pieces

This time we decided that we eat non-spicy and we took the supermarket roasted peanuts:

Sauce: two spoons of soy sauce, one spoon of vinegar, one spoon of sugar, well mixed. (the importance here is not the size of the spoon but the ratio of the three)

Cover the pan with a thin layer of oil, add ginger, garlic, dry chilli and the white part of the spring onion, start the fire to the strongest.

When you can already smell the ingredients, add the preprepared chicken in, mix well for around 10 seconds until the chicken colour changed, then add the cut vegetables in.

Again mix them well for about one minute, add the preprepared sauce in. Mix and fry them well until all the ingredients are cooked

Add the peanuts and the green part of the spring onion before taking them out to a plate.