Brown sauce Chinese Style Ingredients: Eggplants, garlicSauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil 1. Cutting and salt the cut eggplant Add salt and mixed them well 2. Making the sauce, mixing well: Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon Soy Sauce: one spoon Oyster Sauce: one spoon The brand is not important as long as … Continue reading Eggplant

Kung Pow Chicken 宫爆鸡丁

This is a home recipe. The main part of this dish is about preparation, cutting the ingredients Ingredients: Chicken breast, 500g Paprika, two (different colour, red and yellow are recommended, for our eyes) Cucumber, half one Carrot, 2-4, same amount as the cucumber Peanuts, a handful, roasted, can do without due to the complication for preparing it … Continue reading Kung Pow Chicken 宫爆鸡丁


This is an Asian flavour homemade dish, we named it Hedgehog because the Glutinous rice coded at the end leave the finished dish the looking of a Hedgehog. You can be creative about its shape so there can be any name for it, which can add much more fun to your kitchen especially when you in … Continue reading Hedgehog