This is an Asian flavour homemade dish, we named it Hedgehog because the Glutinous rice coded at the end leave the finished dish the looking of a Hedgehog. You can be creative about its shape so there can be any name for it, which can add much more fun to your kitchen especially when you in the mood of having fun, or when you have kids on the table (more…)

Chef’s Favourite

The best BBQ steak our chef and I have had so far:

The finished dish looks juicy, crispy outside, pink inside. Tender meat which suits for from kids to older generations. Side dish can be some BBQ vegetable, or simply a tasty salad of your choice. Ice cream dessert is recommend (more…)

Yoga & Love

There has been thousands articles which explaining the importance of doing yoga for human’s well-being, and all the yogis out there are samples of it. However, the start is always hard, we donot know where/how to start; more importantly, we just do not get the point as ourselves until finally we experienced it ourselves. I have been practice Yoga since decades, but I did not remember it whilst I needed it the most. Thanks to my families and friends and strangers who have been always there to be with me, to love me, to help me out, to guide me through the rough journeys in my life!  (more…)