This is an Asian flavour homemade dish, we named it Hedgehog because the Glutinous rice coded at the end leave the finished dish the looking of a Hedgehog. You can be creative about its shape so there can be any name for it, which can add much more fun to your kitchen especially when you in the mood of having fun, or when you have kids on the table

We had fried Mangold as side dish

We made a simple dipping sauce, (soy sauce +  spring onion + fresh chilly + a bit of sugar), but we barely use it

We could not have any dessert due to the amount of Hedgehogs we have had eaten


Glutinous rice, half cup, should be soaked into water 6-8 hours beforehand;

In the ingredients instruction, we used both table spoon and tea spoon

Ingredients (We made about 24 Hedgehogs, food enough for three):

Minced pork, 300g

Egg, one

Light soy sauce, two table spoon

Water, one table spoon

Potato starch, (if you donot have potato starch, try corn starch instead), two tea spoon

Sugar, one tea spoon

Salt, half tea spoon (depends on your habit)

Sherry, one table spoon

Spring Onions, two

Ginger, small piece

Glutinous rice, half cup, soaked into water 6-8 hours beforehand


Cut the spring onion and ginger into small pieces

Beat the egg lightly, mixing with the liquid ingredients (soy sauce, water, potato starch, sugar, salt, cherry), then adding the rest except the rice (spring onion, ginger, minced meat), and mix them well

Take the rice out from the water, dry it (we put a kitchen towel on a cutting board to dry to rice)

with a table spoon, making balls of the meat (size as your preference)

Roll the meat ball into the rice, so the meat ball will be looking like a rice equipped white hedgehog (or any other shape)

Steam the white balls for 25-35 mins (we used a bamboo steam holder in a pot over boiling water, and we believe that the bamboo holder added a special taste to the food)

“We should make this dish again”, I commented at the end of our dinner


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