Yoga & Love

There has been thousands articles which explaining the importance of doing yoga for human’s well-being, and all the yogis out there are samples of it. However, the start is always hard, we donot know where/how to start; more importantly, we just do not get the point as ourselves until finally we experienced it ourselves. I have been practice Yoga since decades, but I did not remember it whilst I needed it the most. Thanks to my families and friends and strangers who have been always there to be with me, to love me, to help me out, to guide me through the rough journeys in my life! 

Today I have been pregnant for 28 weeks + 4 days, interesting that we calculate babies’ age by days and weeks.

At today’s yoga practice, the first time again I know that my body is alive, since the first day I knew that I was having pregnancy morning sickness. During the one hour and 15 minutes’ Ashtanga yoga practice, I was calm, content, sweat a lot, also within a beautiful flow — I also know that my baby enjoying doing yoga with me, maybe he is even coping my movement at a half sleeping half awaking state.

Five weeks ago, I decided that I should started Yoga practice to get my life back, after I had the most miserable first months pregnancy morning sickness period. There was not a second that I regretted to have our baby and surely I would have made the exactly same choice if I was asked to, only those months were not really pleasant: I could not focus on anything more that a few minutes, I could not go out for a normal walk which was longer than 30 minutes, I could not do anything in a managed manner… I was 49 kg, and I reached 64 kg at the time I decided to started Yoga again.

Five weeks yoga practice, holiday for weekends and Christmas and New Years breaks, what I have now is about 67 kg, whilst my belly looks much bigger and the baby has grew much heavier and become much more alive; I can go out for a half day hiking/little tour without much headache; I have energy to do the things I feel like doing…

Yoga, not only that physically I become stronger, but also that I feel I am very much more being loved — It is not that love was not there before, only that my eyes were not able to see them clear earlier