Chef’s Favourite

The best BBQ steak our chef and I have had so far:

The finished dish looks juicy, crispy outside, pink inside. Tender meat which suits for from kids to older generations. Side dish can be some BBQ vegetable, or simply a tasty salad of your choice. Ice cream dessert is recommend


9 weeks matured rib-eye with the bone, bio preferred, from the butcher of your choice (6cm thick, 0.9kg)

Salt (coarse)

Olive Oil

Black pepper


Have the meat out of the fridge for 1-2 hours before BBQ (room temperature)

15 minutes before BBQ, put olive oil and salt on both side of the meat

When the BBQ is up to 300 degree, first grill each side of the meat for 2 minutes

From the 5th minutes, reduce the temperature to 170-230 degree,  then change the side of the meat every few minutes (2-3 minutes change once), until the total cooking time of 20-25 minutes (depends on the actually size of your meat)

Let the finished meat rest in the oven which is pre-warmed up to 75 degree for 10 minutes

Cut the meat serve to your plate, and season it with fresh ground black pepper

“Enjoy it” — from the chef