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Helen Yu – Intro

Welcome to my coaching page! 

As a coach, my focus is on understanding my clients better than they understand themselves, helping them gain clarity and perspective.

Thank you for considering me as your coach. Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

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My Short Story

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Yoga on the road

My childhood dream was to travel the world.

As an adult, I have had the opportunity to do just that. I have lived and worked in many places around the world.

My personal journey has taught me the importance of following my heart and pursuing the things that bring true happiness into my life.

As a life coach, I am committed to helping my clients achieve their goals and live their best lives.

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Testimonials – Intro

Grateful to Helen

Jasmine, Life Book China, Melbourne, Australia 11/01/23

Today’s keyword is: My relationships and wealth. I saw my past life with my mother and realized that we had a deep connection. My mother loved me deeply. Knowing this, I can face my obsession more calmly: in this life, I only pay attention on my mother and myself, but I haven’t done that to … Chongjia Hua, Insurance Consultant, Wuxi 11/01/23 weiterlesen

Chongjia Hua, Insurance Consultant, Wuxi 11/01/23

I think it was really amazing how Helen could integrate coaching techniques with Akashic Records reading.

Steven, Life Book China, Coach, Guangzhou 10/01/23

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