Akashic Life Coach

Life coach Helen Yu, certified Akashic Record reader, Yoga teacher, mom, MBA

Akashic record reader life coach Helen Yu
Helen Yu is an Akashic Record Reader, Life Coach following Akashic principles
  • For you as an individual
    If you are again in life at a fresh starting point but this time you are not quite clear where you’d like to go, or how to get where you’d like to be, I am here for you to discuss with you on the possibilities
    If you are looking for directions or undergoing some experiences which might be unpleasant, confusing, disturbing or painful, I can walk you through in a personal coaching

In the first years of my life, I have been in the position of receiving and I have seen myself to grow into the best who I could possibly be. So are you 

About my coaching 

In the Akashic life coaching, we focus on yourself, your potentials, your personality, your goals and ambitions

You come with questions, concerns or doubts, I am not here to answer them, but we together find the answers within your, we together work out the possible solutions

My coaching is one-to-one coaching and it takes one hour on average. It can be conducted in person or through calls. There are two ways how I coach:

  • Through Akashic record reading. It starts with an Akashic record opening prayer, followed by our coaching within your Akashic record. We explore your options and end with an Akashic record closing prayer
  • Through conversational coaching. It starts with you stating a topic which you want to explore. Together we reach the deepest core aspects of it and end with finding the answers you are looking for

About Akashic record

Akashic Record, Reasons for “why reading” and “why now”

Akashic record reading: how I read your Akashic record

Get in touch

Email: helenyu@chawija.com
Message (WhatsApp): +49 176 3522 3364

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