Morden Love

I donot care about the story behind it

If this is love, I donot want to have nothing to do with it

On 3rd July, we reached back to our flat and found that a pigeon has lay two eggs in a nest by our balcony

Both the pigeon and my partner were surprised and somehow annoyed

My partner tried to chase the pigeon away while we were having dinner at the balcony

On 4th July, early morning around 7:30 am, we were having tea in the dinning room

My partner told me that he was surprised that the pigeon did not come back to the nest last night, hence we could not see it

My partner and I agreed that we would let the pigeon here to have the babies born safely

Around 10:30 am, the pigeon came back, and she stayed in the nest and did not move for the entire day, I was proud and wrote to my partner “moms never give up in their kids”

Until around 6 pm my partner home: the pigeon flew away when she saw us

On 5th July, early morning, we did not see the pigeon, we were worried: it has been raining this morning, and nights were really cold, we were worried the babies might not survive

we thought of giving a name to the pigeon mom

At 4:43 pm, I wrote to my partner “ The bird did not come back today…”

Minutes after my message to my partner, I saw a bird was wondering around the nest: I kept quiet because I did not want to scare her away. Sadly the bird left

A few minutes later, I saw the bird again, she was standing by the nest and looking around very cautiously. I was hoping that she would stay. And I was thinking of asking my partner to go out for dinner. Then I saw the bird held an egg in her mouth and walked out of the nest. She was moving! I saw she walked by the edge of the roof, she put the egg down, she looked around, then she was eating

For a long long time, I finally realised that I  might be watching one of the most cruel scene in this world

I run out of the living room, run to the balcony, looked into the nest: I saw no eggs there

I looked outside to the edge of the roof, I saw egg shells lying there, in between the sun and the shadow

Is this so called modern love

In this busy world, no one ever anymore has much patient to anything

Trying again, harder, another time to protect your loved ones, is it really that hard

Isnot it selfish to decide others’ fate for them while they have totally no control of it, is it fair