Black Energy

Until this morning, I believed that there was so called ‘black energy’ existing in this world

Then I realised that I was wrong: there is no such thing called ‘black’, nor ‘white’ energy, they are transferrable, together they are one

I visited my secret room this morning, I have some questions for the little girl. They little girl ignored me but mattered her own thing as always of course. Then this ‘black energy’ appeared again, as I saw it the day before, occupying our secret room quickly. I was annoyed. I used force to push it away. I managed to protect our space, but there also was tension caused and having a lasting effect

The little girl brought me outside for a walk. Beautiful landscape! I suddenly remembered some days ago, I had the thought that I was confined in this little room: that was so very much not true

There the ‘black energy’ approaching, slowly and quietly. The little girl kept on looking somewhere further in front of her, as if there was not anything happening. I was watching. I used my finger tip touched the ‘black energy’, with curiosity. The black energy stopped. I touched it again, and tried to push it back gently. The ‘black energy’ did went backwards. Naturally, I started to play with my will and then I took the situation in control, as if I brought ‘white energy’ back

I realised that when the setting was right, I was able to looking after our secret space. I could protect our land, in the right way: with a good will, peace, elegance, love

First time the little girl smiled to me, bright smile, and she kissed me, hugged me. We became one

We went back to our secret room. The little girl again calmly practising brush calligraphy writing there. I was relaxing next to her. The ‘black energy’ seemed still here and ready to make the next movement

I ‘talked’ with it, played with it, showed them that I loved them with no difference from others: it turned into quiet

We cannot kill or get rid of the ‘black energy’, but we tame and find the balance to live with it