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  • Eggplant

    Brown sauce Chinese Style Ingredients: Eggplants, garlicSauce: soy sauce, Oyster sauce, sugar, salt, flour, oil Eggplants and Garlic 2. Cutting the eggplants 3. Salt the cut eggplant 4. Making the sauce, mixing well: Sugar, 3/4 of tea spoon Soy Sauce: one spoon Oyster Sauce: one spoon 5. Cut the garlic into slices 6. Add two

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  • To those who are always busy

    We shall always try to remind ourselves, by the end of the day, by the end of our lives, what matters the most after all I am writing this down mainly as a reminder to myself, also to those who have been busy in life: I know I should, but I just don’t have the

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  • Akashic record reading

    How I read your Akashic record Akashic record reading is in the centre of my coaching, but I am not “reading” your Akashic record, I am with you together in your Akashic record, and we together walk through the specific part of your Akashic record which is relevant to the topic you chose to discuss

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  • Akashic Record

    Reasons for “why reading” and “why now” “Akasha is Sanskrit, which means ‘Ether space’ or the original energy of the universe. The Akashic record represents the highest consciousness dimension, a range of sacred mysteries. It is the ‘Book of Life’ of the universe, containing the history of the entire universe, contains both the blueprint of

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  • Papa tim​​​e

    Five reasons for having Papa tim​​​e “Fathers are not attached to their children as the way as moms are. Fathers’ love mainly comes from the time they spend with their children”. Quote from unknown source Luckily that I have learnt this before our first son was born.  Now our son is 14 months old. From

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  • Bed Time

    As first-time parents, we are often frighted by how little we know about parenting. However, one thing remains clear, we are trying our very best to assist Anton for his growing. During the past nine months and two weeks, there are so many things I know about now, I wish I knew it earlier. Good

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