Bed Time

As first-time parents, we are often frighted by how little we know about parenting. However, one thing remains clear, we are trying our very best to assist Anton for his growing. During the past nine months and two weeks, there are so many things I know about now, I wish I knew it earlier. Good thing is, even the things which I would have done differently, when I really look back, I can look back with a smile (more…)

Blind Point

I didn’t really know whose fault it was:

Me myself, because I left my son alone in the playroom room with other kids and parents at a birthday party when I quickly disappeared into the washroom?

Anton, because he didn’t stay where I left him when he was less than 9 months old?

The other parents there who didn’t help, because we were at a birthday party then somehow at least we all share at least one common friend, and by chatting with some of them at least let us be some kind of “friends”?

I was very much upset about the incident that evening until I figured out that, the reason for that was because of the existing of “blind point”!blind point, where things we cannot see (more…)

We see what we meant to see

At the relaxation on the ground with Anton after my brief morning yoga practice, I felt that my throat was blocked. There were words needed to be let out, but I didn’t want to say anything, or I didn’t know how

I played with Anton on the ground, then I carried him in the carrying cloth when I realised that he was tired. While waking him around I checked the messages on my phone behind him. Then I saw this beautiful facebook message forwarded from Mattea Goff, I @ Anton’s father without any hesitation: I wonder how many moms out there are thinking the same…

Here I attached the original drawings: (more…)

Before the Birth of Anton

Anton was born on 21st Feb, on the day when he was 35 weeks plus one day old.

In the early morning of the 20th Feb, on my way to my morning ashtanga practice, “Yang” came into my mind: my partner and I have been searching for names for our son, and we still need a middle name for him. Then our son’s name is decided, Anton Yang.  (more…)