Living at the Moment

There is no right or wrong here

There were times that I was alone in a desert, in a temple, underneath a tree, or in the reading room as where I am siting now: the moment I accept this fact, I am no longer alone and I have companions

I had a conversation with my partner about ‘living at the moment’, interesting topic for me to discovery further: what is ‘Living at the Moment’, what is ‘Living’, what is ‘Moment’, what is ‘at THE moment’

  •  The universe which we are living in, which existing in our mind, which is one: depth of space

  •  One’s entire life time is one: length of time

  •  A person at a moment of his life: can a person actually is able to cut his life into small segments, and then living at one of the cut & separated segments only? Can one separate time and space after all

  •  Blind people is more capable to live at a moment, because they are used to knowing by not knowing, they don’t see fragmentary pictures but they living within the oneness

I live at this exact moment with the awareness that I am living at part of this of my life time, also a tiny part of this universe