Don’t be Shy

My biggest take away from today’s “start online business” workshop is “Don’t be shy”! We started our online business after our son was born, very emotionally, but with love from the bottom of our hearts: we are sharing the baby products which entertained our son the most. As first-time parents, Read more…

Selling by Kilo

Walking on the street in Berlin, we saw this sign:

“BUY VINTAGE BY THE KILO”, which meant buying cloth by its weight.

How interesting.

When we passed the  same store the second time the same afternoon, I took a photo of it( show as in this post). (more…)

How I Met Your Father

It is all about timing. Meeting the right people at the right mindset under the right circumstance!

I meant to come over to Europe for a relaxing two-months’ travelling, which with no fixed schedule but following my instinct to wherever I felt like to.