Qing Xue, New Media, Female Growth, Changsha 06/01/23

Gratitude to Helen, the one-hour Akashic Records reading session let me feel a change in real. I am now clear on my career mission and vision, and driven by my inner power.

Through the session, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and see my own value and furthermore my greater value to the world. 

From taking small steps, support others, I truly felt myself growing stronger: now I feel that I am truly helping others grow through my life story and experiences.

I feel change of my energy level through our conversation. I am becoming more and more confident in my current choices with my sense of mission and value.

In my vision, I see myself having my own studio, where I chat and share ideas with a group of like-minded career partners over coffee. I feel I am being positive, joyful, passionate, and calm.

From initially vague and weak link to my current career path and life vision, it gradually became clear, stronger and closer, until I seem to be living in a state of true realization. 

I am more determined in my career choices and personal growth path.