Hyaluron-Liposome 30 Ampoules

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Hyaluron-Liposome fills wrinkles quickly and with long-lasting effects


Hyaluron-Liposome stimulates the production of the skin’s own hyaluronic acid, making wrinkles appear as if plumped up, filled and smoothed from the inside.

Fills wrinkles quickly and with long-lasting effects thanks to low-molecular, liposomally encapsulated hyaluronic acid and two hyaluronic acid boosters.


Steps: Cleansing MousseTonic Mousse – Ampoule – Eye CreamDay & Night cream

After daily face cleansing and tonic Mousse, empty the content of the ampoule into the hand palm and apply to the face and neck.

When gently patted in, the liquid is rapidly absorbed.

It can also be combined with our other Ampoule products for different beauty effect.


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