Boto-Pep Lifting 10 Ampoules

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Efficient wrinkle tightening


Boto-Pep Lifting allows the structural causes of skin aging can be counteracted in a targeted manner: thanks to a concentrated cocktail of peptides and the cell-strengthening co-enzyme Q10.

Efficient wrinkle tightening.

Wrinkles appear significantly reduced and the complexion appears youthfully smooth and radiantly beautiful.


Steps: Cleansing MousseTonic Mousse – Ampoule – Eye CreamDay & Night cream

After daily face cleansing and tonic Mousse, empty the content of the ampoule into the hand palm and apply to the face and neck.

When gently patted in, the liquid is rapidly absorbed.

It can also be combined with our other Ampoule products for different beauty effect.


1 Hyaluron-Liposome  + 3 Boto-Pep Lifting: Anti-wrinkle
1 box of Liposome with 30 ampoules + 3 boxes of Boto-Pep with 10 ampoules each
Morning Hyaluron-Liposome rejuvenate moisture, deep nourishment, lock skin moisture.
Evening Boto-Pep Lifting reducing wrinkles and lifting.

Boto-Pep lifting + Argavia Stem Cell: Anti-Aging 
1 box of 10 ampoules each
Morning Boto-Pep Lifting reducing wrinkles and lifting
Evening Argavia Stem Cell activate the regeneration of cells, awaken cell memory.

Elastin/Collagen + Boto-Pep Lifting: Anti-Age Repair  
1 box of 10 ampoules each
Morning Elastin/Collagen replenish elastin, nourish and moisturize, directly attack the root of aging.
Evening Boto-Pep Lifting reducing wrinkles and lifting.



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