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  • Teethers

    Apple chew fruit

    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” 

  • Bath Toys , Toy Cars

    Carlito Rubber Car

    Take a ride with Carlito rubber car

    This is one of the very first toys our son, Anton, received as a gift

    At first, when Anton was little he wasn’t very much interested in any toys in his bath but until when he was able to move his hands: this Carlito rubber car has been always one of the bath toys since.

    Also, …

  • Bath Toys

    Elvis the Duck

    Every Child’s memory for all generations 

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Crab

    “I like to hide in between objects”

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Turtle

    “I can live for thousands of years old!”

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Whale

    “I am fast and flexible!”

  • Bath Toys

    Origami Boat

    Set sail and let your imagination float 

  • Teethers

    Pear chew fruit

    Simply the best 

    This Pear chew fruit was the very first toy I bought for our son, from a lovely Berlin local store and our introduction to this brand

    Reasons for choosing it at that first time:
    The colour is beautiful, the shape is fine thought of, it looks and feels like a safe quality
    It is the same brand as a gift we …