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  • Teethers

    Apple chew fruit

    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” 

  • Bath Toys , Toy Cars

    Carlito Rubber Car

    Take a ride with Carlito rubber car

    This is one of the very first toys our son, Anton, received as a gift

    At first, when Anton was little he wasn’t very much interested in any toys in his bath but until when he was able to move his hands: this Carlito rubber car has been always one of the bath toys since.

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  • Bath Toys

    Elvis the Duck

    Every Child’s memory for all generations 

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Crab

    “I like to hide in between objects”

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Turtle

    “I can live for thousands of years old!”

  • Bath Toys , Teethers

    H2Origami Whale

    “I am fast and flexible!”

  • Bath Toys

    Origami Boat

    Set sail and let your imagination float 

  • Teethers

    Pear chew fruit

    Teether Pear: simply the best 

    When our son had this pear teether, he was not able to use his hands to put things into his mouth much, but he loved holding the “pear” very much. Now he is almost 2 year-old and this teether pear is still one of his favourites, not only for teething, but also for bathing.