Our Story

茶 瑜 伽

cha • wi • ja : tea and yoga

Cha = tea:

Tea, coffee, water, dessert, food. All the necessary things to keep a human body alive.

Wi Ja = Yoga:

Yoga practice, mediation, Akashic, higher power, spirituality, dream. All the optional factors which have the effect to help people to love and to be loved.

We are:

Me, who is now in front of the laptop and typing, named Helen, Chinese nationality, currently living in Berlin.

Anton, our first son. At this moment, he is just about to turn to 8 months old. He is the reason for us to have a shop on our website.

Anton’s father, the man behind this website, who has a brilliant ability to turn ideas into products, who is the 24/7 consultant for our website, who is the fireman for any emergencies.

In our shop, we aim to have a collection of baby toys, accessories and gifts for newborns, either we are personally in touch with, or our friends recommended: carefully picked products with original and unique design sourced from all over the world, also including handmade artwork from individual artists.

We love life. We sell happiness, joy, and love.