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Reasons for “why reading” and “why now”

“Akasha is Sanskrit, which means ‘Ether space’ or the original energy of the universe. The Akashic record represents the highest consciousness dimension, a range of sacred mysteries. It is the ‘Book of Life’ of the universe, containing the history of the entire universe, contains both the blueprint of the life of the universe, and all the experiences and experiences of all living bodies in different time periods according to this blueprint.”

Akasha Record Research Center (China)

The first time I came across Akashic Record reading, what I experienced touched me deeply. Later whenever I was in need, when I read my own Akashic record, I received guidance. Akashic record reading grants me the possibility to be a better me, to become a smarter me.

However, I never openly talked about it, nor publicly offered any readings. Here are the reasons why I changed my mind, I am publically talking about it and I am now offering Akashic Record reading, and why I waited until now.

Akashic Record is stored in our universe(s) as if those books are stored in libraries. Akashic Record reading is fetching information from its library.
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  • I couldn’t explain what Akashic Record is. I could not fully understand the explanations about it on the Internet neither until I formed my own one. Akashic Record is a “library” which stored all the information of our universe or many universes, for the past events, for the now happenings, and for the future possibilities.
  • I didn’t understand why Akashic Records can be read. Reading past events is easier to understand: it has already been recorded. We can go read records as if we were checking the information in a library. Reading the future events is more complicated: recently I become convinced that we are living in one of the billions NOW moments, so there is no past time concept nor future time concept but they all happening at the same time, “now” moment, in different dimensions. Which means that reading the now events, and the future events are the same as reading the past events.
  • I couldn’t explain why I could read Akashic Record, or how I read it. For a rational MBAer, this reason alone is enough to bury any idea. I could not offer a service which is not based on current mainstream science, which I cannot explain clearly the reasons behind. The fact is, my experiences with Akashic record reading improved the quality of my life. Until now I still can’t explain in a scientific way why I can read Akashic record. However, I can live with it now. The truth is that there are lots of things happening on earth we cannot explain the rational reasons behind them, yet.
  • I did not understand why I should read the Akashic record. Life is short and we are not going to live forever. When we are living at this present moment, enjoy it, why should we use the precious present time to think about the past, or to try to interfere with the future? Now I understand, reading is not about reading itself, reading is a tool: reading is here to help us to see the facts in the past events clearer, so to lead a more mindful and grateful present time, then to lead to a better possible future life.
  • Now is the moment that I start to use my Akashic record reading skill to help my coaching. A few days ago, I had an operation and stayed in the hospital for four days. I read my own records before and after that operation. From the moment when I read and understand the purpose of that operation, I no longer felt any pain from it. Also, I suddenly gained the ability to see things from others’ eyes. There are purposes for reading Akashic record, in situations like mine here is one of them.
  • I sometimes missed the details in my readings. At the early stage of my reading, there were times I would realise that I didn’t take all the granted information into consideration. Later I realised, practice is the key to solve this issue because practice sharpens my eyes and opens my heart. From this point, reading for others is a way to self-improve while helping others.

So here I am, I made my coaching page based on Akashic Record reading in the morning after my operation.

Last but not least: reading the Akashic record is not a gift for a few people but for every one of us. Anyone can enter the Akashic record as long as they are willing to. Entering the Akashic record is an innate inheritance or an instinct in each of our lives. Also, there are many ways to enter the Akashic record. What matters the most is to find your own suitable way and practice it regularly. Akashic record reading practice is a method to enhance life experiences, a way to fulfil life purposes and a way to cultivate broader love.

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