Papa tim​​​e

Five reasons for having Papa tim​​​e

“Fathers are not attached to their children as the way as moms are. Fathers’ love mainly comes from the time they spend with their children”.
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Luckily that I have learnt this before our first son was born. 

Now our son is 14 months old. From our experience with him and also based on the other baby stories which we have come across, I conclude the below five reasons, why moms should encourage and help papas to spend more time with their children from the very beginning.

Papa time

Papa time is simply papa and baby together.
Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels
  1. Papa can also calm a crying baby down from the time they are born. Education starts from day one, from the belly. We were very much into pregnancy engagement. We had the feeling that Anton already knew both of us while he was still in my belly. Our son spent most of the day times with his father in the first month of his life, happily. I have been lucky that I could catch up some sleep during the day after a night in which I needed to get up a few times.
  2. Your child can learn a different set of skills with the father. For instance, a father might spin a baby 360 degrees, vertically, and most babies love that. Most moms simply just do not do it. Also by spending time with the father, the child will copy some of the father’s behaviours. For Anton, I was very much impressed the first time when I saw they two were passing the clutch ball to one another. Also soon after that, Anton learnt to roll a normal ball.
  3. A mom can have an earlier break from the 24/7 routine with her baby. After Anton was one year old, I left him home with his father for an interesting event which I really wanted to join. They two were home getting along well. When I was caught by surprise that I had to spend 3 nights in a hospital, I had no worry that Anton might go crazy home. After that incident, Anton’s father has been bringing Anton to bed since. 
  4. The baby will also love the papa more. Anton hugged his father more after he was taken on to his father’s bicycle. By now, Anton only wants his papa to bring him to the Kita, by bicycle preferably!
  5. The entire family will be happier. When taking care of a baby can be evenly distributed between both the parents, simply the entire family activities can be easier distributed or arranged, so to have a happier family.

To Conclude

Like an ancient Chinese saying “repair your house before the rain comes”, having papa-time in any normal day is simply leading to more balanced family life. To conclude, for the sake of our mom selves, for the sake of our babies, for the sake of the fathers, for the sake of a better state of well-being, let’s try harder to have more papa-time or mama-time for some groups.

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