My biggest take away from today’s “start online business” workshop is “Don’t be shy”!

We started our online business after our son was born, very emotionally, but with love from the bottom of our hearts: we are sharing the baby products which entertained our son the most. As first-time parents, we would not have any chance to imagine how much wonder those products did and still do for our son, we would like to spread the message, and we wanted more parents (actually: babies!) have the possibility to access those products.

Instead of thinking of what I have missed out here because of my shyness, I will start from what will change from now on because I will no longer to be “shy”.

I will share my stories when I am in a group. Next time when I am with a group of moms, I will let them know that I am having an online shop for baby products, and most importantly, I will explain to them the reason of this store and the love behind it.

I will change the landing page of our shop page, and let all visitors know from the first sight that we are sharing some of the best baby products to the world.

I will write our personal stories which are connected to our products and share them to the world.

I will update the Facebook page with up to date info about our shop, I will start to use Instagram again, and I will let my network know about our shop.

I will not bore you with many more “I will”, but show you my actions from now on.

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