Before the Birth of Anton

Anton was born on 21st Feb, on the day when he was 35 weeks plus one day old.

In the early morning of the 20th Feb, on my way to my morning ashtanga practice, “Yang” came into my mind: my partner and I have been searching for names for our son, and we still need a middle name for him. Then our son’s name is decided, Anton Yang.  (more…)

Happy Birthing Workshop

As first time parents-to-be, my partner and I both became a little bit worried two weeks ago, when we bought our first set of pyjamas for our little son who is going to be born in about 5 weeks: we opened the pyjama package home, we looked at them, then we were discussing that maybe those pyjamas might be a little bit too big by size, as the little guy’s legs might not be that long…  (more…)