How I Met Your Father

It is all about timing. Meeting the right people at the right mindset under the right circumstance!

I meant to come over to Europe for a relaxing two-months’ travelling, which with no fixed schedule but following my instinct to wherever I felt like to.

One of my classmates, Yannis, who has been organising our RSM MBA Sailing club, and I contacted him a few days before the sailing competition while I was at the end of my workshop in Tenerife island, and he managed to took me in.

When I arrived the sailing place, Florian was already there relaxing in the bar. Florian was the skipper for another sailing boat, and I was assigned to Chris’s crew.

I remember our first conversation was at a big table at the end of the first day, within our sailing group we were chatting with different people, with all sorts of topics. Florian told me that I should go to Berlin, hence I have been traveling. Florian told me that there were six months winter and six months summer in Berlin, and now it was the last month’s summer of this year, so the weather there would be the perfect timing for visiting. My heart was smiling — I recognise this guy. But I commented not much.

The next time when we were siting closer again, coincidently, Florian came to our table. I asked Florian what was there in Berlin for me for travellers. With some serious searching from his memory, I could see the thinking process in his head, he listed: Sunday Karaoke in Mauerpark, Jazz afternoon/ night, bar night… And he again emphasized that I should just go and visit Berlin. ‘If you are going to sing in that park on a Sunday, I will come to watch!’ I told him. He is a kind person with fine character, and for sure not someone could just jump on a stage and sing. I tried to end our Berlin trip conversation with stylish.

The next day we met at the break of our sailing competition. We were sitting on the bench outside, there was an alumni in between, Florian told me, ‘you should prepare your Berlin trip… I am going to sing next Sunday’! ‘You sure?’ I double checked with him before we shake our hands.

From that moment, I started to pay more attention to Florian. As far as I understood, Florian’s character is rather shy, and rather quiet, spending time with his crew members. He paid close attention to the matters he actually cared, closely or from far away.

At the end of our last dinner together, Florian insisted that I should put his RSM jumper on, because it was raining outside, and it was going to be cold. I was shaking in his jumper in the rain on our way back to the accommodation.

It was such a luxury to have someone there for you and help you around! I was discussing with another lady about my trip going to Den Haag, and Patric, Florian’s brother in law overheard it and immediately invited me to join his car to Holaam, where his house is, a city very close to Den Haag (I was asking another female schoolmate, and she said that she was not sure that she would have space for me because she had a small car, nor I wanted to leave at 8 am with Yadu, just too early and too much effort needed). So I was in Patric’s car the next morning, along with Florian.

Florian seriously took out his agenda book, and started to make the Berlin schedule in the car not long after we set out the road. There was a smile on my face, and singing of my heart!

Florian invited me to his sister’s house for brunch. So I went. Patric was surprised that I could not cook. Florian said that he could cook, not an issue at all, what’s important was that I was going to eat all what he cooked.

Florian cooked boiled eggs for three of us. He insisted to use a knife to make a small hole on each egg, which supposed to be done with some special equipment but we could not find at that moment. However, the way he put the eggs into the boiling pan, which left me wonder how much he actually know about cooking — he dropped the eggs into the pan, with no assistance of any spoons or so!

I met the family. The two kids, Malian and Emilian, they both were shy at first, then we started to play games together, though we could not communicate by language, but we discovered our mutual language very soon and we found out our way of communicating very soon — they are adorable!

Florian and I went to the train station together, his train left 3 minutes after mine. We said goodbye at the station, and he said to me to go to Berlin on the 7th but not the 8th, if I could, sincerely. We hugged goodbye: on the way to the train, I realized that my heart was beating as fast as it never did before! I suddenly remembered one of the incidents happened in Tenerife a few days back: a 21-year-old man asked me the question with his eyes stared at me, ‘have you ever been in love? If you have ever been in love, you would know what I am saying.’ We were discussing about passion, emotion, temper, and he considered that I was too clam or too rational to be a normal human creature.

Florian gives me a different feeling, somehow he is special. I feel his sincere, his courage, and his effort, my heart has been in joy because of him! We share the same MBA minds(sometimes, opportunity never arise twice), we share the nature shy personalities, we both listen then comment, we both try to understand others and try to think for other people… Most of all, I pushed him to his limit, he took it and he was going to sing on stage in front of one or two thousand people for me!

I want to go to Berlin. Having a deal and I am going to Berlin, and wanting to go to Berlin, these two things are quite different.

It is all about timing. Now it is the first time I actually trying to think about the future for myself. I have paid my price for my karma, now it is the right timing to think of/for myself, now it is the right timing to chase my own happiness.

I was writing this in the train to Berlin. In my entire life as long as I can remember, this was the first time that I was so very much looking forward to meeting someone at the end of a journey!

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